cerámica en Mallorca

I am pleased to welcome you to my site. You may or may not have visited my studio in beautiful Deia, Mallorca. If not, then you certainly are welcome to come by and have a look at me creating my ceramics in Mallorca as well as what I have on display there.

I am constantly inspired by the nature around me and my travels to create new work so if you are one of my collectors you will be sure to find something new to see. I will be updating my work from time to time on the site as well. Have a look around, check out my blog  and sign up for my newsletter if you’d like to be kept up to date.

Recently I have become an eco-artist as well. It is no use destroying that which we are enjoying.

cerámica en Mallorca

My ceramic arts reflect the beautiful nature of the land and sea that I am privaleged to enjoy in the Tramuntana of Mallorca. The Serra de Tramuntana (including Deía area) became a world heritage site in 2011 and needs protection . As a swimmer and lover of the sea and marine life I joined the ASOCIACIÓN ONDINE, a local marine protection group working to keep the waters around Mallorca full of marine life and free of debris. Half of the profits from my fish tile trivits go to support their efforts.

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Joanna Kuhne

I was born in Chicago Illinois, USA and attended the University of Illinois graduating with a degree in Fine Arts specializing in ceramic and glass sculpture. I am also trained in painting and enjoy painting on ceramics.

At the age of 15 years old I had the dream to live close to nature in the mountains on an island by the sea. In 1980 after graduation I flew to the VIrgin Islands and began working on sail boats in quest of my dream. I fell in love with a beautiful sailboat and crossed the Atlantic with it, sailing all over the Mediterranean visiting many islands along the way. At the end of a year on the boat we docked in the harbor of Palma de Mallorca. I found my way to the international artist village nestled in the mountains called Deia where I have lived ever since.

I met my former husband in Deia. We opened a cafe and had two children. I began to create ceramics for the cafe and people bought them off the walls, encouraging me to make more to replace them. After selling the café in 1997 I have been doing my ceramics full time. Most of the hotels, cafes and restaurants in Deia area own and display my ceramics which reflect much of the bountiful fruits and flora as well as the sea world around Mallorca..

I have integrated myself into the community of Mallorquins as well as the local foreign population of creatives including painters, musicians, film folks, photographers and sculptors who make Deia a unique place to live.

I am constantly inspired by the nature around me, my travels as well as (custom made) bespoke work. So if you are one of my collectors you will be sure to find something new to add to your collection.




Ixtapa | Mexico

I love to visit Mexico even if they are not great about their garbage collection. This year I stayed in IXTAPA. It is an exclusive area and the beach is extremely clean , even given the many hotels and condos lining the shore. This is because they are a ¨certified¨ beach and thus they have very strict rules regarding trash left on the beach. Each establishment is responsible for the entire beach in front of them up to the water. There are stiff penelties for those who do not conform. There are rule boards and people are well aware that they are not allowed to take glass bottles on the beach or syrofoam for example. There are recycle bins visible all along the beach as well. IN nearby Zihuatinejo town , it is not a certified beach and nevertheless it is clean. How have they managed to keep it just as clean even though the town has plenty of garbage on the streets ? One reason could be the efforts of the school children who have painted signs in their own words, encouraging bathers to honor nature and not leave their trash on the beach. These are placed every five meters along the shore. I hope that we can be as successful at keeping our beaches clean here on Mallorca. The Asociacion Ondine has a project called DOS MANOS which oranizes gatherings to actually clean up various beaches as well as an educational program to educate children in the schools of the value and importance of keeping our shores clean in an effort to protect the marine life around... read more


I spent seven weeks in Mexico this year. For me Mexico is Magical. The people enjoy life, love music and lots of color. I am sharing some photos of one of my favorite restaurants in Zihuatinejo. . The decoration is UBER-Mexicana. The chairs are all hand carved and painted differently. As a ceramic artist I was particularly drawn to the ceramics in the bathrooms there. They were so nice I was tempted to order my tacos from the bathroom !!!... read more



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cerámica en Mallorca

Cerámica Mallorca – Ceramics Mallorca

C/ Es Porxo No. 1, Deia | Mallorca | Spain

+34 656 274 897


Opening hours:

My opening hours vary depending on the time of year. If you are coming from afar then it is best to give me a quick call ahead to be sure I am there. If you are in Deia and you don’t find me in the studio I am normally not more than three minutes away. If you can call I can pop over at no obligation.

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